Sponsorships for the 7th Update on Fabry Disease

 (Sept 15, 2021)





FTF Participants

Sponsor Showcase

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*Indirect Charge

Kidneys for Life Organization (https://kidneysforlife.org/) is Registered UK Charitable Organization (Manchester, UK).  The Fabry Disease Update Series is sponsored by KFL and is governed by its bylaws.  KFL provides direct financial management and support for the Update series.

COVID: The 2022 Update on Fabry Disease will be organized as a hybrid meeting with approximately 80 Face to Face (FTF) participants and a larger number of virtual participants. In addition to maintaining the secured “bubble”, current vaccination status, and possibly on-site daily PCR-based rapid testing may be required at the time of the meeting. The COVID-related expenses will be “reconciled” after the event. The excess will be returned to the sponsors on a pro-rata basis if the COVID allocation exceeds the COVID-related expenses. Similarly, if the COVID-related expenses exceed the COVID overhead, the sponsors will be invoiced for the deficit on a pro-rata basis.  (Supporters will not receive COVID-related reconciliation after the meeting)

Sponsors will be allocated a defined number of FTF participants, as indicated in the table.  In addition, any employee of the sponsor who presents a poster at the meeting will be allocated a FTF registration separate from the sponsors FTF participants shown in the table.  These poster presenters will be assessed a registration fee and will not be eligible for a travel bursary.

There will not be any opportunities for the sponsors to engage in commercial or marketing activities at the venue (e.g., booths, brochures, exhibits).



Nov Sponsor Showcase presentations may be accompanied by CME accreditation, but that is optional and the sole responsibility of the sponsor.