COVID Policy

7th Update on Fabry Disease

May 29-31 2022, Wurzburg Germany


7th Update on Fabry Disease

May 28-31 2022, Würzburg Germany

 COVID Policy, Effective August 21, 2021

The  7th Update on Fabry Disease was delayed one year because of appropriate COVID concerns. The net-working and face-to-face (FTF) interactions are a critical and unique feature of the Update on Fabry Disease meeting that was simply not possible during the 2021 COVID experience.

We are planning on a fully interactive and unrestricted experience for the on-site participants at the 2022 meeting in Würzburg, that will be fully compliant with the relevant local, national and international COVID policies in effect on May 28, 2022

There will be a “bubble” within the Convention Center at the Maritim Hotel, which will include the meeting areas, break areas, and poster areas.  Entrance into the bubble from the rest of the hotel will only be extended to participants who have registered and have been granted access based on verification of their fully vaccinated status at the time of the meeting. A wristband will be issued at their first encounter at the Registration desk that is to be worn for the duration of the conference, and with which entry to the “bubble” will be granted. We are planning on approximately 80 FTF participants.

A second group of participants will have access to the meeting through a live, “virtual” e-meeting connection. Virtual Participants will not require vaccination certification, nor will they have access to the “bubble”.

Anyone traveling to Wurzburg must be in compliance with all international, national and local policies relating to the COVID regulations at the time of travel. Meeting these requirements is an individual responsibility, which will not be addressed by the Steering Committee or the logistics company. Entry from any other country for any purpose (including visits and tourism)  is only possible for fully vaccinated People. The traveller must have received the last vaccination dose that is necessary for full vaccination at least 14 days before the date of travel, and the vaccine the person has received must be among those listed at As of this date, the approved vaccines include BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson

Please refer to the pertinent German Government website for details of the current policies.

Confirmation of an individual participant’s full vaccination status with an effective vaccine  will occur during the Pre-Registration process. The manufacturer, dates and lot numbers will be required. Again, physical access to the “bubble” will require full vaccination with an effective vaccine at the time of the meeting.  Rapid PCR COVID testing will be available if individual FTF participants have issues with on-site verification of their vaccination status at the time of the meeting.

In the unlike event that full vaccination status becomes questionable for a particular product at the time of the meeting, and the issue cannot be resolved, the Steering Committee will convert the participation status for that individual from FTF to Virtual,  and that participant will not have access to the bubble.

This policy statement will be updated as needed, with the governing policy having the most recent date stamp at the top of this document, and relevant changes high-lighted in the text.